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Under the Swahili Tree’s Return & Refund & Exchange Policy

Thanks for purchasing ready meals from Under the Swahili Tree, we greatly appreciate your custom. Unfortunately given the consumable nature of the product we do not accept returns or provide refunds. 

However, we will endeavour to replace / exchange orders, subject to conditions outlined below, in the event of the following occurring:

  • goods that are damaged in transit (all goods are inspected prior to shipping), or
  • the incorrect number of items were delivered, or
  • the incorrect items were delivered.

Our process for accessing whether goods may be replaced / exchanged are as follows:

  • If the item has been damaged in transit please take a picture and explain why the product is no longer consumable by emailing including confirmation of the original order and the photo. Please also include your mobile number so we contact your directly.
  • If the order received contains incorrect products or incorrect number of products, please also take a picture of the order when received and email the photo and original order confirmation whilst outlining the issues of the order (i.e. missing items). Please also include your mobile number so we contact your directly.

We will endeavour to respond to any issues within 24 hours of receiving your email.

If the “replacement” is approved, we will deliver to your home the same product or correct product(s) as the case may be on our next delivery date at no additional cost.

Under the Swahili Tree boasts excellent cocktails and craft beers, reflecting the best of Kenya and a superbly well-priced international wine list, mindfully created by our associated somellier.
Marula Close (off Marula Lane), Karen
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